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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cuts are made with an ultra-high pressure stream of either water, or garnet and water. The stream is computer numerically controlled (CNC) to precision cut almost any material. Waterjet cutting is utilized for the toughest fabrication jobs where conventional cutting methods are unable to produce quality cuts.

Some benefits offered by this converting process are:

  • Cuts that can't be machined: The Waterjet cutting process is able to cut materials like laminates, phenolics, composites and most metals that were previously "unmachinable". These cuts are made without fracturing, chipping or thermal stress.

  • Maximizes material yield: Waterjet cutting maximizes material yield by cutting along common edges with no waste (kerf). Even irregular parts are computer formatted to maximize your material yield.

  • Quality parts: Waterjet cuts are made to tolerances as tight as +/- .005", which is perfect for inlay parts. Moreover, waterjet cuts do not create burning, hardening or thermal stress like laser cutting can.


Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Brass, Granite, Ceramic, Marble, Plastic, Rubber, Foam, Paper, Cardboard, Cloth, Wood, Laminates, Composites, Glass.

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