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High Speed Plotter

The ideal process for short runs and cutting various substrates. Considered superior to non-garnet waterjet cutting because it produces parts faster and because it is capable of cutting specific depths with its XYZ axis controls.

This multifunctional machine is compatible with most file formats including PDF, AI, EPS, RIP software, TIFF and DXF. The high speed plotter uses either a straight blade, an oscillating blade or a router attachment.

Some benefits offered by this converting process are:

  • No tooling required: Parts can be created from your drawings or computer files.

  • No design limitations: Parts cut on the high speed plotter overcome the limitations of mechanical tooling. This allows design engineers the freedom to specify part dimensions that optimize finished goods.

  • Quality parts: The high speed plotter reaches tolerances of +/- 0.010" - material dependent. It can also cut multiple layers of material.

  • Capable of cutting sheeted or rolled goods: Like waterjet cutting machines, this high speed plotter can cut flat, sheeted material. But it is also capable of cutting roll fed material up to 150 lbs.


Unlike other cutting methods where the material is held down with its own weight/gravity or with heavy weights, the high speed plotter holds material down to the surface of the table with an industrial heavy-duty vacuum system that can be controlled to apply as much or as little suction as needed. This makes the machine a great choice for cutting textiles, leather and cloth for the apparel, upholstery and technical industries

The plotter can also cut thin gasket material as well as self-adhesive vinyls, reflective signs, screen printing films, polyester and polycarbonates. Hard metals cannot be cut, but the high speed plotter can cut soft brass and soft aluminum, as well as plexiglas, polystyrene, and particle board. A router attachment can also be added to engrave these materials.

This high speed table top plotter is good for heat sensitive materials and is a good alternative to laser engraving when the material is reflective. Parts can be through-cut, kiss-cut, butt-cut, routed, engraved or creased on this precision cutting device.

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