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We offer a wide array of products for applications such as fastening, gasketing, surface protection and noise /vibration dampening for this industry. As appliances become more complex and intelligent, requirements associated to the processes of manufacturing, assembly, stocking and distribution have become more demanding.

Our experience in flexible material converting and our partnership with global leading brands as our vendors; enable us to supply our customers with quality products that comply with the industry’s strictest standards.

Some applications are:

Thermal insulation

Custom made Mylar® and Nomex® pieces designed to provide thermal insulation.


With low density foams, we develop products for gasketing applications. Engineered for easy compression, conformability, and temperature resistance, we manufacture the perfect gasketing solution for our OEM customers in the refrigeration industry.


Masking and fastening tapes to protect and attach loose parts and pieces during the appliances’ manufacturing, assembly and distribution process.

Surface Protection

With protective films and tapes in a wide variety of widths and lengths, we offer solutions that protect products during assembly, packaging and distribution processes. As a result of reducing product damage, our solutions contribute to an increase in efficiency and productivity, resulting also in economic gain and a decrease in production lead times by reducing the amount of reject products.

Vibration Dampening

Our products meet the handling and conformability requirements that enable them to adapt, fit and adhere to different surface types. We manufacture a wide variety of products for noise and vibration dampening applications, including non-skid feet, spacers, and cushions.

Our products additionally offer the advantage of weight lightness and high temperature resistance.

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