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Rotary Die Cutting

The process of unrolling material through a press and utilizing a precision engraved steel cylinder die to roll over & cut specified shapes. Your material may be carried by a release liner and rolled onto a new core or sheeted into pads. Rotary dies can be made to cut all the way through your material and its release liner (metal to metal die-cut) or through the material and down to the release liner (butt or kiss-cut).

Some benefits offered by this converting process are:

  • The fastest of all die-cutting methods. Great for mid to high volume. Speeds up to 500 fpm.

  • Parts are consistently within tolerance.

  • Precision engraved tooling creates the same part, time and again, to tolerances as tight as +/- 0.02".

  • Design freedom, we can laminate various material substrates together; our customers can create their own parts instead of being forced to utilize standard products.


Tape, Plastic, Foam, Pressure Sensitive Materials, Gasket Materials, Silicone Foam, Silicone Rubber, UHMW, Abrasive, Fabric, Foil, Non-Woven, Label Stock, Specialty Materials.

Rotary die cutting capabilities

Flexographic printing station.

Laminating station for up to 4 materials.

Die maximum repetition of up to 32"

Material width 13"

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