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In-line Laser Cutting

Servo-controlled, high speed, in-line laser digital cutting system. The equipment is capable of producing parts that were once considered "unmachinable" with mechanical tooling. The laser beam is computer numerically controlled (CNC) and cuts parts at speeds up to 100 feet / minute. An infinite variety of part dimensions can be supplied as individual pieces or kiss-cut on a roll. Whether you need micro-parts, micro-perforation, prototypes or production products, this technological advancement overcomes the limitations of mechanical tooling.

Some benefits offered by this converting process are:

  • No tooling required: Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) processing means parts can be created from your drawings or computer files.

  • No design limitations: Laser cutting overcomes the limitations of mechanical tooling. This allows design engineers the freedom to specify part dimensions that optimize finished goods.

  • Quality: The high-speed motion system manipulates the laser beam at a rate of 200 inches/second to cut parts to your desired dimension while processing material at speeds up to 100 feet/minute. This process keeps specialty part costs down and helps meet both prototype and full scale production requirements.

  • A variety of part dimensions on the same roll: In-line laser processing allows us to provide you with a variety of parts on the same roll or sheet. If you require a variety of die-cuts for a single unit, they can all be supplied right next to each other.


Adhesive tape and laminates.

In-line laser cutter capabilities

Table of 18"x18"

Bed attached to a rotary die-cut press of 24"

Laminating of up to 4 materials.

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