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We offer a diversity of noise and vibration dampening products, as well as heat sinks and EMI shielding protection seals for automotive electronic devices. We also carry masking and surface protection products, mounting tapes and foam gaskets for bus, truck, and automobile manufacturers.

The solid experience in converting processes that backs us up and our partnership with leading brand manufacturers in the flexible materials we use, enable us to supply our customers with quality products that comply with the industry’s highest standards.

Some applications are:


We offer masking products engineered to improve paint quality while reducing masking/de-masking time.

We are also able to supply products that reduce paint build up along break lines in two-tone painting. Break line build up requires costly sanding and re-work time.

Among the tapes we offer are those that comply with heat resistant and flame retardant specifications for harnessing applications in the vehicles’ engine room as well as many other purposes in the transportation industry.

Surface Protection

With products designed to satisfy the requirements of both, exterior and interior applications in vehicles, we offer tapes and protective films that protect vehicles' exteriors from environmental abrasion. We also offer products that protect interior parts and provide fastening, bonding, and joining solutions and withstand different temperatures.


Mounting tapes replace mechanical fasteners to create aesthetic advantages. Fewer rivets on side panels create flat continuous graphics. Also, fewer holes mean no catalytic corrosion and a decrease in the number of leak points.

Mounting tapes require less skilled workers at a lower labor cost and increase assembly line speeds. Mounting tapes are quicker, cleaner and safer than liquid glues. They require no curing, no clean up, no heating chambers and there are no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or other emissions.

Polyurethane closed cell mounting foams serve as fasteners when applying body panels to framing.


Compressible PVC (closed cell) foam sealants create water, dirt, and air tight seals under the most demanding conditions. These foams are available in low, medium and high densities. PVC foams remain flexible through the hottest and coldest environmental temperatures. Furthermore, structure allows the foam to maintain its seal even when riveted through.

Noise / Vibration Dampening

Our products’ features include easy handling and conformability to contours of the vehicle body with excellent adhesion to oily metal surfaces. They are also compatible with paint bake cycles and offer weight reduction as well as corrosion resistance.

We have the capabilities to convert the required materials to manufacture dampening solutions for any location in the vehicle; whether on the dashboard, in the doors or any other place.

Polyurethane closed cell foam is excellent for sound and noise dampening. It offers a low compression set, which provides long-term sealing integrity.

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