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We offer electronic engineers the "Design Freedom" to solve problems with adhesive tape and gasket dimensions that are "unmachinable" with conventional tooling. With capabilities such as in-line laser cutting, waterjet cutting, die-cutting and extremely narrow slitting; we produce the parts that others say can't be machined.

Some applications of our products are:

Thermal Management Products

As electronic equipment becomes smaller, power sources are concentrated in tighter areas. This confinement creates heat problems that can be counteracted (bled off) with our thermally conductive material. These products dissipate heat away from power transistors and microprocessors to the ambient environment. Heat dissipation is critical to optimize processing speed and expand the life expectancy of modem processors.

Capabilities: We possess a broad range of converting capabilities, from narrow width slitting to in-line laser cutting micro parts, we are able to convert a wide array of flexible materials and manufacture many design shapes and sizes in compliance to our customers’ requirements.

Among the products we offer are: thermally conductive adhesive tapes, phase change thermal pads, thermally conductive silicone sponge gaskets and non-toxic, fire-blocking silicone foam gaskets.

EMI / RFI Shielding Products

We offer copper and aluminum foil products, metallized fabrics, conductive elastomers and composite materials. All of these products may be provided with conductive or non-conductive adhesives. These electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference shielding tapes offer reliable point-to-point contact, grounding and static charge draining.

Bonding / Joining

The electronics industry is realizing the aesthetic advantages of bonding with adhesive tapes rather than using mechanical fasteners. Adhesive tapes offer conformability to curved surfaces, bonding to rough or irregular surfaces and contamination free fastening

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