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Lathe Slitting

The process of spinning log rolls of material on a mandrel and indexing a single blade to precisely cut to your desired width. With the flexibility to program blade direction, blade speed, mandrel speed and blade sharpening cycles, we ensure that every roll of product is slit to meet our customers’ quality specifications.

Our machines offer the flexibility to slit a wide assortment of materials to a variety of widths, even those specifications that require a very narrow width and precise cut.


PVC, Foil, UPVC, PTFE Glass Cloth, Liner, Plastic, Tensilized polypropylene, Film, Non-woven, Foam, Filament, UHMW, Paper, Polyimide, Transfers, Textile, Specialty Materials.

Slitting capabilities

Log slitters 0.080" to 72" in length

Up to 23.5" exterior diameter.

Tolerance: +/- 0.030"
(Material dependant)

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