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Rewind Slitting

The process of winding a large master roll through a series of razor, shear or score blades while rewinding the customized width rolls to a specified length.

Some of the benefits our customers receive as a result of this service are:

  • Design engineers are given more flexibility as they have access to a wider spectrum of options to receiving the product they need in compliance to a variety of specifications.

  • Production departments receive the product in a customized presentation that reduces time and material waste.

  • Quality assurance as a result of our capabilities that enable us to ensure accuracy of roll dimensions.


We can use this process to convert master rolls as big as 72" wide and 54" in diameter to produce rolls with a very narrow width.

  • Narrow width / long length "pancake" rolls
  • Narrow width / long length traverse wound spools
  • Practically any width or length our customers desire
  • Rolls may have perfing from 4" (100mm) up to 120" (3000 mm) to ease material use and application.


Pressure Sensitive Tape, Label Stock, Release Liner, Non-woven, Foil, Film, Foam, Flexible Insulating Materials, Specialty Materials.

Slitting capabilities

Comb cutting 0.250" to 70"
Tolerance: +/-0.030"

Shear cutting 0.250" to 70"
Tolerance: +/-0.030"

Score cutting up to 60"
Tolerance: +/-0.030"


3”, 6” or 10” cores
Maximum unwind OD: 30”


3” cores
Maximum rewind OD: 20”

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