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Flat Bed Die Cutting

The process of stamping out shapes of material with steel rule dies adjusted to varying degrees of hydraulic pressure.

Some of the benefits this converting process offers are:

  • Lower tooling costs: When volumes are lower, die-cut sizes are large or many shapes are required, the less expensive flatbed dies provide value over rotary tooling.

  • No curvature on thick materials: The direct vertical cut of the flatbed process provides a tighter tolerance on materials over 1/8" in thickness. Rotary tooling can create a very slight hourglass shape in the material.

  • Design Flexibility: Some combinations of material and design specifications lend themselves to flatbed die-cutting over rotary, waterjet or laser cutting.


Tape, Plastic, Foam, Pressure Sensitive Materials, Gasket Materials, Silicone Foam, Silicone Rubber, UHMW, Abrasive, Fabric, Foil, Plastic Liner, Non-Woven, Rubber, Specialty Materials.

Flat bed die cutting capabilities

Die-cutting press of up to 100 tons.
37" x 29" table

Maximum thickness of 0.9"

Laminating station of up to 30"

Average Speed: 15- 20 strokes per minute (SPM)

Kiss-cuts and Full-cuts

Tolerance: +/-0.030" (Material dependant)

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